Freestyle Kickboxing

At Zenku Kai our classes are designed to ensure that every student achieves the maximum results of a modern martial arts system, whilst encouraging the importance of the tradition of martial arts study. Our established classes are designed to bring out the best in the student, and to enable you to be transformed into a confident, well rounded martial artist

Zenku Kaiís Freestyle Kickboxing classes offer a complete martial arts system for students wishing to train in Kickboxing Our classes have been developed to give students the very best techniques from boxing, muay thai, and submission training.

Our classes

The aim of our Freestyle Kickboxing classes is to provide students with an effective, complete martial arts system that will help students get fit, improve co-ordination, increase flexibility and learn some valuable martial arts skills.

Our class format includes a mix of fitness, kicking, punching, striking and self defence moves.

Students get the opportunity to practice their moves on focus mitts with a partner and on full contact punch bags.

Zenku Kai students will also have the chance to take part in light contact sparring, and submission training.

Submission training is optional depending on the studentís training requirements

Belt Tests

Belt tests are held approximately every 3 months for students who are ready for promotion.

Students will only be eligible for promotion once they have demonstrated the techniques and knowledge required.

At Zenku Kai we will work with you to achieve the ultimate goal of BLACK BELT.

We offer additional training sessions to help you achieve your goals and our Instructors are always on hand to provide extra advice and support.

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