At Zenku Kai our classes are designed to ensure that every student achieves the maximum results of a modern martial arts system, whilst encouraging the importance of the tradition of martial arts study. Our established classes are designed to bring out the best in the student, and to enable you to be transformed into a confident, well rounded martial artist

Karate classes at Zenku Kai promote the traditional values of a Wado-Ryu karate class.

Our Karate classes are structured around a traditional syllabus and are designed to get the BEST out of our students.

What you will learn

In these classes you will learn the basics of Karate including:
- Punching, kicking and striking techniques
- Kata
- Khions
- Self defence
- Sparring

Weapons training is also available in these classes for senior grades

You will see an improvement in concentration, co-ordination and fitness.

Most importantly, you will have fun!

Belt tests

Gradings are held in our Karate classes approximately ever 3-4 months depending on the students knowledge and ability.

Additional training

Additional training sessions are also available for students who wish to improve their knowledge and ability at a faster pace, or for students who have specific training requirements


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