Family Martial Arts

At Zenku Kai our classes are designed to ensure that every student achieves the maximum results of a modern martial arts system, whilst encouraging the importance of the tradition of martial arts study. Our established classes are designed to bring out the best in the student, and to enable you to be transformed into a confident, well rounded martial artist

Our family martial arts classes are designed to develop team spirit and family unity.

At Zenku Kai we encourage families to train together as a team which in turn sees student’s individual talents naturally improve. In many martial arts schools parents are either spectators, or are asked to leave the Dojo, therefore being unable to watch their child’s progression during the class. Our classes promote the fact that the study of martial arts is not a spectator sport.

The benefits of family training

As with the study of any martial arts, our classes are designed to raise fitness levels, increase confidence and provide valuable martial arts skills.

Our family classes have the added bonus of family bonding, and working towards targets and belt promotions as a unit.

At Zenku Kai it is fantastic to see the whole family working towards their goals together. Whether your goals are to improve your families fitness, work towards a family goal of Black Belt, or simply share a fantastic martial arts experience together, we have the class for you!

Can myself or my child attend these classes alone?


Whilst at Zenku Kai we like to encourage family members to come and join the fun, we also welcome individuals of all ages to come and train at our family classes. Our family classes have a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and are designed to suit students of all ages and abilities – from age 4 to 64!.

These classes are split into two or more groups, (adults & children, or lower grades & higher grades) and have at least two Instructors per class to enable both children and adults to get the most from their martial arts training.

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